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Manuscripts in 2011

  1. Oto J, Imanaka H, Konno M, Nakataki E, Nishimura M. A prospective clinical trial on prevention of catheter contamination using the hub protection cap for needleless injection device. Am J Infect Control 2011; 39:309-13.
  2. Ueno Y, Nakanishi N, Oto J, Imanaka H, Nishimura M. Effects of leakage on ventilator performance during noninvasive positive pressure ventilation: A bench study. Respir Care (in print)
  3. Oto J, Yamamoto K, Koike S, Imanaka H, Nishimura M. Effect of daily sedative interruption on sleep stages of mechanically ventilated patients receiving midazolam by infusion. Anaesth Intensive Care 2011; 39:392-400.
  4. Phua J, Koh Y, Du B, Tang Y-Q, Divatia JV, Tan CC, Gomersall CD, Faruq MO, Shrestha BR, Binh NG, Arabi YM, Salahuddin N, Wahyuprajitno B, Tu ML, Wahab AYHA, Hameed AA, Nishimura M. Procyshyn M, Chan YH for the MOSAICS study group. Management of severe sepsisi in patients admitted to Asian intensive care units: prospective cohort study. BMJ 2011; 342:d3245.
  5. Nishimura M. Is volume inferior to pressure? (Editorial) Respir Care 2011; 56:1052-3.
  6. Oto J, Nakataki E, Hata M, Tsunano Y, Okuda N, Imanaka H, Nishimura M. Comparison of bacterial contamination of blood conservation system and stopcock system arterial sampling lines used critically ill patients. Am J Infect Control (in print).




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