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Presentations at conferences in 2011


The 10th AVF (Hong Kong, November 5)

  1. Nishimura M. Pro-Con Debate: The use of permissive atelectasis is as useful as permissive hypercapnia in ARDS patients. Con.

ANZICS Clinical Trials Group Winter Research Forum 2011 (Hunter Valley, Australia, August 4-5)

  1. Hosokawa K, Egi M, Nishimura M. Sedation management after tracheotomy (SMART).

The 18th International Symposium on Critical Care and Emergency Medicine (Kuta-Bali, Indonesia, July 21-23)

  1. Nishimura M. Humidification during mechanical ventilation.
  2. Nishimura M. Sleep disturbances of mechanically ventilated patients.

American Thoracic Society International Conference (May 13-18, Denver, Colorado)

  1. Oto J, Imanaka H, Nishimura M. Effects of automatic tube compensation on respiratory workload in used endotracheal tubes. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2011; 183:A3219.

The 11th Joint Scientific Congress of the KSCCM and JSICM (April 22~23rd)

  1. Sumida C, Chikata Y, Oto J, Imanaka H, Nishimura M. Humidification performance of heat and moisture exchanger for tracheosomized patients. (Oral presentation)
  2. Okuda N. Tsunano Y, Oto J, Imanaka H, Nishimura M. Acute cardiac failure with thyrotoxic crisis in a pregnant woman. (Oral presentation)

The 31st Annual Congress of the Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine (April 22nd)

  1. Nishimura M. Acute lung injury and high frequency oscillatory ventilation in the ICU. (lecture)
  2. Nishimura M. Chair: Infection conrol and safety issues in the ICU.

31st International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (March 22~24)

  1. Ueno Y, Imanaka H, Nishimura M. Ratio of the observed to the expected deaths in pediatric patients after introducing a closed policy in a general ICU.

40th Congress of Society of Critical Care Medicine, San Diego, USA (January 15-19)

  1. Chikata Y. Humidification performance of heat and moisture exchanger for pediatric use.




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