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Manuscripts in 2010

  1. Imanaka H, Takahara B, Yamaguchi H, Nakataki E, Mano A, Inui D, Oto J, Nishimura M. Chest computed tomography of a patient revealing severe hypoxia due to amniotic fluid embolism: a case report. J Med Case Reports 2010; 4:55.
  2. Imanaka H, Takeuchi M, Tachibana K, Konishi K, Nishimura M. Effects of open lung approach policy on mechanical ventilation duration in postoperative patients with chronic thromboembolism with pulmonary hypertension: a case-matched study. Aneasth Intensive Care 2010; 38
  3. Murata S, Yokoyama K, Sakamoto Y, Yamashita K, Oto J, Imanaka H, Nishimura M. Effects of inspiratory rise time on triggering work load during pressure-support ventilation: A lung model study. Respir Care 2010; 55:878-894.
  4. Iguchi N, Hirao O, Uchiyama A, Mashimo T, Nishimura M, Fujino Y. Evaluation of performance of two high-frequency oscillatory ventilators using a model lung with a position sensor. J Anesth (published online).
  5. Chikata Y, Imanaka H, Ueta M, Nishimura M. Humidification during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation for adults: A bench study. Med Sci Monit 2010; 16(12):MT89-93.




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