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Presentations at conferences in 2010


2010 Medical Association Paper Presentation

10th Acute Phase NPPV Research Committee

Dean R. Hess. How to initiate a non invasive ventilation program: bringing evidence to the bedside.
Dean R. Hess. How to initiate a non invasive ventilation program: bringing evidence to the bedside. Chairperson: Masaji Nishimura)

32nd Annual Meeting of Japan Medical Association for Respiration Medical Sciences

Hideaki Imanaka. It is acceptable for you to know only the basics of artificial respiration mode (Basic course for co-medical)
Hideaki Imanaka. Prone Position Ventilation up-to-date (Seminar)
Masaji Nishimura. Application of flow-track sensor in APRV mode. (Luncheon Seminar Chair)

26th Tokushima Acute Blood Purification Research Committee (Tokushima University, 24th June)

Jun Oto. Blood purification methods for intractable childhood nephritic syndrome
Hideaki Imanaka. (Chairperson for theme announcement)
Masaji Nishimura. (Chairperson for especial seminar): Shigeto Oda [Acute blood purification――Recent Themes]

2nd Japan-U.S. VAP Seminar (19th June, Tokyo)

Jun Oto. VAP prevention and sedation methods―a panel discussion [At the frontlines of VAP prevention and its treatment]

Masaji Nishimura. (Chairperson for keynote speech): Nobuaki Shime, Overview of VAP: The things we must think about and aim for.

7th Asia Ventilation Forum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (June 12, 13)

Masaji Nishimura. (Chairperson for luncheon seminar): Marya Zilberberg, Effects of silver coating endotracheal tube in VAP prevention in U.S.

1.Nishimura M. Long term humidification devices.
2.Nishimura M. HME’s are safe and effective to use for all patients in ICU. Pro

26th Japanese Society of Acute Medicine, Kagawa Prefecture(15th May)

Hideaki Imanaka. General theme7: cardiopulmonary/ Ai. (Chairperson)
Emiko Nakataki. Symposium [ PK/PD theory and prospect of TDM in clinical operation] — Practically administering Teicoplanin (TEIC) based on PK/PD theory.

21st Tokushima Emergency care research committee, Tokushima Prefecture

Yumiko Tsunano, Rie Ono, Hideaki Imanaka, Emiko Nakataki, Jun Oto, Nao Okuda, Masaji Nishimura. Case of abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) during severe burn treatment

(General Theme)

37th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Hiroshima (4-6th March)

Moritoki Egi, Masaji Nishimura. Systematic review regarding fever and anti-pyretic treatment.
Nobuto Nakanishi, Yoshitoyo Ueno, Rie Ono et al. Impact of a leak on a patient and on the synchronization of artificial respiration during non-invasive positive pressure treatment―. (Poster)
Yoshitoyo Uneno, Nobuto Nakanishi, Rie Ono et al. Effect of a leak on ventilation setting during non-invasive positive pressure treatment (Poster)
Jun Oto. Rie Ono, Daisuke Inui et al. Impact on mouth dryness by heated humidifier heat settings during non-invasive positive pressure treatment (Poster)
Emiko Nakataki, Daisuke Inui, Rie Ono. Application of primary stage teicoplanin using analysis support software
Masaji Nishimura. Report from International Relationship Committee. (Chairperson)
Masaji Nishimura. Report from ICU Performance Evaluation Committee. (Chairperson)
Yusuke Chikata, Masahiko Ueta, Hideaki Imanaka et al. Heat and humidification for high-frequency oscillatory ventilation for adults. (General theme)

Masaji Nishimura. Emergency report, actual criticality of H1N1 influenza.
Shinichi Nishi, Hideaki Imanaka, Masao Katayama et al. Report from Medical Specialists Committee.
Hideaki Imanaka. Past, present, and future—Non-respiratory and medical treatments for ARDS/ALI.

The 10th Joint Scientific Congress of KSCCM and JSICM, Hiroshima, (3月4‐6日).

1.Oto J, Imanaka H, Nishimura M. Sleep disturbances of mechanically ventilated patients. (Symposium)
2.Chikata Y, Imanaka H, Ueta M et al. Effects of ventilator settings and humidifiers on humidification during high frequency oscillation ventilation for adults. (Oral presentation)
3.Nakanishi N, Ueno Y, Ono R et al. Effects of leak on patient-ventilator dyssynchrony during noninvasive positive pressure ventilation. (Oral presentation)
4.Ueno Y, Nakanishi N, Ono R et al. Effects of leak on ventilatory setting during noninvasive positive pressure ventilation. (Oral presentation)

25th Japan Environmental Infection Society, Tokyo (5-6th February)

Emiko Nakataki. Research on bacterial contamination of connecting needle of transfusion line and transfusion vessel (General Theme)
Jun Oto. Points to turn closed transfusion device into a preventive device for infection in transfusion line (Luncheon seminar)

27th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine Chugoku Shikoku Symposium (1st March)

Kozue Ogasawara, Hisako Kuyama, Emiko Nakataki et al.
Report of a case: Erratic access of central venous catheter in epigastric veins and caused abdominal wall erythema and paralytic ileus (General Theme)

Yumiko Tsunano, Mika Bando, Ono Rie et al. Report of a case: Post surgical hypoxemia in aortic dissection to which differential lung recruitment maneuver has been applied.
Mika Bando, Masami Morimoto, Rie Ono et al. Report of a case: Cerebral air embolism caused during pleural cavity cleansing of the empyema. (General Theme)

39th Critical Care Congress, Miami Beach Convention Center, Florida, USA.

1.Oto J, Imanaka H, Nishimura M. Effects of heated humidifier setting on oral dryness during noninvasive ventilation. (Poster)




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